Saturday, September 27, 2008

My journey to Volgograd, Russia

Assalamualaikum.. Zdrasvuitie my family and friends. Before I start to tell about my journey, I would like to share something that is quite meaningful to me. Back in 2005, while I was studying for my pmr on the main desk in my house, my Abah came, and said ‘Belajar rajin-rajin, nanti masuk mrsm, and pergi overseas’ with the will of ALLAH S.W.T. that actually happened. Prayers and blessings of parents are important, I actually made It to mrsm kkb, and now, I’m studying in Russia.
The day before my flight, there was a small family gathering in my house. I would like to thank Kak Dotty, Kak Ila(haven’t seen you for a long timeJ), Mamitun for coming. Thanks yea!
The next day came, the day I leave Malaysia for good, well I don’t mean it in a bad way. I wore my dads 27 year old antique very nice set of a grey coloured suite. He used that when he graduated from Oxford University, and now, it has been passed on to me. Its up to me now to prove to everyone especially Abah and Umi that I can be the worlds best doctor, I would like to go to the highest limit, and give all my best. But the most important thing is to become a normal human being, if you get what I mean.
My cousins, and their family came to bid me a farewell journey. I had to be at the airport at six, because there was a briefing at that time. It was 5 o’clock, and I’m still at home. It was sort of a rushing condition, then Alhamdulillah me and my family made it to KLIA. The briefing wasn’t that brief because I didn’t have much time as I wanted to spend my last moments with my family. Maybe that was enough, because God doesn’t give us what we want, HE gives us what we need. Anyhow it was time to say goodbye. It kind of sad though, but I kept cool(chey!). Abah is a total inspiration for me, because he sacrificed a lot for me, and the way he handles things sometimes amazes me. Sometimes I would feel very guilty of seeing him spending his time, money, and giving wonderful advices. Therefore I try to work very very hard, to repay all the deeds that Abah has sacrificed for me by showing excellent results. Next person I shook hands and hugged was Sarah, my dearly awesome brilliant sister. Next it was my younger brother, Syed Amir. He is talented I tell you people, the way he plays guitar, I tell you FUHHH.. hehe. I hope to see him in flying colours after his PMR. Eventhough we fight a lot during our childhood days, I believe that is going to be a sweet memory for us later on, kan, Amir kan? Hua hua hua. Next it was tall handsome tough caring elder brother Aizat. Next, it was my eldest brother who is very caring, smart, tough, and also a future doctor, Syed Ariff. Thanks for the perfume! Thanks for being the best siblings a person could ask for.
The last person should be the most important person in my life, Umi. Umi did EVERYTHING for me. Might I remind myself and you who are reading this that the prophet Muhammad S.A.W.. once said that a mother holds the top three rankings of the most important people in our life. I might not know what to do if Umi was not there for me. And now, everything that my Umi reminded really happened. To Abah and Umi, I hope you are reading this, nanti carikan I bakal menantu yang baik- baik, alim, and kalau boleh yang boleh jaga hati parents mertua.. hua huahua, awalnya nak fikir pasal benda ni. Please pray for my success.
Back to the airport, after saying goodbye to my family, it was time to go. I transited at Amsterdam, Holland. Most of MARA students have to go to Frankfurt, German. But only 16 have to go to Holland. The place was NICE! Not forgetting the flight by MAS Airline was exquisite. I sat next to Sid, my class mate, well, at least there’s someone I know to talk to. I applied what Ustazah Sharifah told about how to pray on the plane. When the plane landed I was.. well of course happy la, kot. Prices of things at the airport were VERY EXPENSIVE! I wanted to buy something as a souvenir. Imagine, its RM 13 just for a coke. Pergh. But the swiss Chocs are cheap Then, from 16 people at the airport, we split into two groups, one group flying to Moscow earlier than another group. I was in the first group! Woohoo!! The flight to Moscow took approximately 3 hours. When we arrived, we had to pass through the immigration. It was time to speak Russian or gavarit pa ruski. I did my best. I passed though the immigration, and make sure that everyone is there. My friend, Hidayah bt. Abdullah didn’t get her bag I think. So, we went to the counter to ask for it. I said ‘ ana nia paluchaet yeyo chemodan’ or she didn’t get her bag. And then, when the receptionist replied, I just couldn’t understand what she said. Because there are some words, verbs and rules that I might have forget or have not learn yet. I chose to laugh rather than suffer from stress when we tried to communicate at the counter. We eventually spoke English. Russians can be rough at times, maybe its their way. They hardly smile. And there was one time, I opened a door for a lady (lawa pula tu, Russian girls are very pretty.. Abah, Umi, boleh tk org Russian, haha). At least a thank you would do. She gave the masam look. And then I was like umm papela, I was hungry at that time, tk buka puasa lagi.
Hidayah eventually got her bags the next day. We were greeted by our seniors, who id very very very very very very very very very nice. Seriously, baik sangat. We stayed in Marriot Hotel. The place was very nice, paid by MARA lah. Only the students that are going to Volgo and Nizhny are staying at the hotel, those who are going to stay in Moscow are staying momentarily at the Malaysia embassy.
The next day, after staying at the hotel we head to the Malaysian embassy for a last farewell with those going to Nizhny and Moscow. I took a few pictures. I have to say that the picture I took with Hidayah bt Jailuddin ( my batch ada 4 org nama Hidayah) is the best because she has always helped me in a lot of things, we’ve been partners for a few assignments. It was quite sad to leave everyone though.
I left Moscow, to go to Volgo. My bag.. was.. lebih kilo.. kene la bayar, but it was cheaper than Malaysia, if Malaysia 1 kg extra, we have to pay rm 200, if at Moscow airport, its about RM 20 per kg. imagine that.
We arrived to Volgo. We were welcomed by a our lecturer, Natalia Vladimirovna, a sweet motherly lecturer, Nina, and our seniors who are superb! Then my hostel was at a place named Hiroshima. We took a bus, and arrived there. It was said that the place is somehow for Malaysian students.
When we arrived at Hiroshima, we were celebrated by a LOT of seniors. I mentioned before, they are very very very very very nice. My roommates we’re 2 seniors. One even carried my big bag all the way to the 6 floor, imagine that. One floor have a few rooms, either of two or three people. And my floor has two bathrooms with heaters, one which is not working, and two toilets
Talking about the toilets, guess what, there is only a jamban and that’s it.. don’t laugh hehe. Yea, we have to use bottles to wash, and bring our own tissue. May sound disgusting, but that’s the truth.
The next day we we’re taken to mamayev kurgan (mama’s hill kot.. hehe) the mamayev kurgan is very tall, and very heavy. The place was built to remember those who died in the Stalin war. There are a few monuments, and buildings of the war and some tanks and jetfightes. I that’s about it, I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Sorry for the mixed language, thanks for reading, please comment!!


Hani said...

bnyk bersabar aidid..i know u can do it..
thanks for being such a great friend.;)

farhana bee said...

although i shouldn't say this.. tp ur post is sooo funny la dude!
i laughed so hard!
but like hani-the-budak-caring said(:]), byk bersabar aidid.. i have faith in you.. we all do..
nnt mst u jd the world greatest dr! insyallah..

luv ya! =)

Syed Aidid said...

ahahahahahaha, aawww shucks, i terhru baca u know. you guys pon yea, lets study really really hard and score sama2. sama sama berjaya okay? ;)