Saturday, September 27, 2008

Farhana, Hani, n Melin

Assalamualaikum. This blog is for my prep malam friends; Fahana, Hani, n Melin. Well,.. how do I begin. I think I never told you guys about this.. but here goes.
In 2006(cheh formal la ni) I enrolled into MRSM KKB, a place where wonderful, cheerful and success learning process (Cgu Azmi!). I was a quiet,um.. a bajet innocent, and not that kind of person you would rather meet. I became the class rep in the first sem, don’t know how that happened. I did a very bad job in leading class c, duh~ it is me, what do you expect.

Anywho, the first person I think I remembered was Melin. Melin was always smiling to me. I was like pelik laa ‘ why la this girl is smiling to me.. ‘ I was felt weird, maybe it was my hair, or zip seluar tk tutup lagi, oops~! Or maybe I perasan kot. Eh, Melin, nape senyum2 dulu ha? Haha. I didn’t quite know Nur Amalina Zahari, well… not yet

Then, it came to Hani. I didn’t really know Hani, though she is said to be famous in our batch( Eh Inah jgn perasan hauahuahua) yea. Even once, I mistaken Hani with Fatima Ahmed quite malu la at first when I tegur the wrong person. Then.. masa sem 2, Hani entered Class C. that’s where it all began. To tell you the truth, I fell in love with her beauty ( ye la, bukannya senang nk jumpa org rupa lawa mcm arab) but not with her. Lelaki, biasa la kan. It’s kind of funny when I come to think of it now. I really wanted to know Nur Hani bt. Sharaf, but I was just… scared. I think I talked to her once, that one also was a message from Syakirin(feewwiiitttt~!) hahaha. And at times, I always looked at her, ( Hani perasan tk?) I sound like a stalker. But come to think of it, how far can the love of beauty go? Here is how it should go if we were to choose a spouse;
1. Iman
2. Agama
3. Kecantikan
4. Harta
And another one more thing that is quite important to me is to accept the person as he or she is. Ok, ni dh masuk bab perkahwinan dalam Agama Islam. To me, the attitude of a person shows the persons beauty, rather than the looks. Guys, I would like to remind myself and you; lets try perfect our attitude. Perangai baik, cantik la orang tu, but kalau perangai buruk, walaupun lawa mana or handsome mana that person is, Ugly is still his or her middle name. I eventually get to know Hani when we were assigned as partners in e-board to get signatures. You know what Hani, we should have asked them to write their own accounts rather than we go and ask each and every one of them. Wasted our time, chait. But that was the event I got to know this Hani Sharaf.

Came into the third sem, form 5. During early of the year, I sat in a group with gupt and others la. We played a game; I think it was ‘one happy family’. Farhana was there. Then some bad happened, then she said ‘stupid@#$013’ I laughed like mad, hehe. Fahana… sorieeee. Anyways, after that I started to say HI to her, like ‘HYE FARHANA!’ and I did it LOUDLY! Hehe. Her place was very strategic, under the fan, good place huh Fahana?:) and then, we sat, then we talked. That’s how it all started..

Once, I wrote a note on a page-on(ala yang warna kuning tu la, yang boleh tampal2 tu) note to her, I think it was ‘chill la.. I love you rite..’ mcm tu la. And then that message got spread bagaikan cendawan tumbuh selepas hujan. Many people came to me and said ‘Aidid, kau couple dengan Farhana eh?’ I was quite annoyed until once I think i jwb ‘ ha ah ye,kitorang bahagia’ oops~! Then I talked to her la about that. She asked ‘ Aidid, siapa yang tahu?’ I answered “ How bout you tanya siapa yang tak tahu’. Just because we sit together during prep malam, doesn’t make us a couple kn Fahana? We do love each other, but as close FRIENDS. I hope every time I tell her that, I hope she knows that I meant it.
Then, every night, we would kumpul, talk, make jokes during prep malam. I always tell them ( tk tau korg igt ke tk :P) ‘we’re going to miss this moment, so better enjoy it’ now, I wish that we cn still have prep malam, study together, discuss, see each other. But now, even we’re going to go our own separate ways, I believe that maybe at times, we are going to reminisce the fun moments we had.
As we go on,
we remember,
all the times we.. had together,
and as our time change,
come what ever,
we will still be,
Nur Farhana Bakri, Nur Hani Sharaf, and Nur Amalina Zahari:
You guys don’t forget me yea, nnti dh besar, dh kahwin, ada suami handsome2 and anak ramai, haha.

P/S; I'm sorry if i terperasan( byk pon act


farhana bee said...

hey mr!
not fair btol la u ni..
u puji hani lawa and never puji me la now..!!
huh. im sooo not talking to u anymore! ;p


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biskot said...

back-stabber rhymes with idid.
i wonder why...