Friday, November 28, 2008

a little bit of some thing of everything

Syakirin Ruslan; serious smart guy.
Chan Wei Jian; a brilliant kind swesome friend of mine, dah la tak pernah dapat nombor lain dkt MRSM dulu, skrg mesti top lagi. All the best, n good luck studyin in australia yea!
alaa nk nangis la tg gmbr ni, this is the ultimate 5 cemerlang
This is Endy or Nor Diyana Abdul Rahman. i guess we're going to be in the place for 9 years la, 2 tahuns mrsm, 1 tahun di Intec, n 6 tahuns di Volgograd. Seriously, duduk Russia mmg boleh damage english language.
ahaa ni mmg pengalaman yg tk tau la nk ckp mcmn. During the sports closing ceremony( or was it opening ceremony) every group had their own mascot, i was my mascot that night. mmg malu la seriously menari depan professors, lecturers( btw my lecturers gelak when they know i was the astrounut). the girl next to me is Sharon. she is very amazing, bayangkan being able to represent the country in various acara( taekwondo, n her science project was sent to India if im not mistaken) n represent her state in debate. great achievements huh.

Like Munya said, Egypt + Russia. in the pic Azhar, my kindergarten friend. takdir Tuhan membolehkan kita bertemu semula di KKB. Azhar!!! ahaha
Introducing a very kind friend of mine, NorHidayah Binti Jailuddin. We had been partners for several assignments this la that la. you guys know what, she is one of the first person i met that amazes me, because of the fine attitude she has, which is kindness. (Dayah, yesli ti citaiyesh etot blog, ya hacu skazat shto u tebya velikoliepnaya, ciestnaya, akkuratnaya i cudesnaya kharaktera balshoye spasiba dlia tibia pamagat mnie mnoga ) hehe kalau tk paham tu.. buat2 paham la hehe.
Warisan lelaki Subang Jaya terakhir ( Khairuddin n Nadhir)
Ros Ammar Fitri n Emmer. These guys lah yang i lepaked during sekolah menengah during recess, my close buddies. Can't find anyone to replace you guys!

Faizuddin Azmi- man this guy is seriously cool, entah susah la nk cari, tapi boleh je, cari la kedai yang jual Ramlee burger, n Gurpreet Kaur Maan. ahaaha you guys rock, i had fun and learnt a lot from you guys. thanks for beeing the nicest friends a guy could ask for.

(Melin's cousin, Ayong( HAHA) Fana dearie, Nadia Saypet- harap tk kisah tulis nama mcm ni) pe la dorg gelak. I really miss those fun outings with my friends, seriously! sini susah la nk dpt malls mcm Malaysia, and lagi la susah to go out with friends yang fun fun mcm tu.

Maybe i had put this pic before, but what the heck la. Syazwan( yo bro!!) Faruk( Toronto!) Emmier(maggi!). Maggi slurp was nice and fresh. We had quite a meal that night

Introducing, my students. Come to think of it, i kind of miss teaching, it was very fun. (Diana, Hazirah, n Faranur Iman) jangan igt cgu lupa korg yea. study elok2 wahai pelajar2 ku haha, cgu doakan korg berjaya dunia akhirat. n terima kasih la bagi cgu byk bende, kek la chocs la card la, walaupun sekejap dgn korg, tapi mmg manis kenangan tu. good luck spm 2009!
The picture above are my roomates at MRSM ( f-2-8) seriously mmg susah nk lupakan these guys, mmg everyday fun la, tak caya tgk la the video bawah tu., and our theme is 'gedegang!' because that was the sound i made everytime i woke up, tambah dengan gelabahnya. they remember that. Black(from the left) was and always cool, mmg susah nak marah la. Shahmir is continuing his studies, and this guy mmg caring n stylo! the third one is Pelo, whos going to Spain soon!! caiyalah!
Introducing, the best of non-bitara mrsm, fom five of 2007. Memang kenangan yang susah untuk dilupakan, dgn cgu Azminya, Cos nya macam2 la. I would like to repeat the experience thee, but life goes on kan.

Well, when i was 14, i entered a photography competition, themed 'membaca'. Unfortunately, mcmn tah the competition was bataled, and no one won. penat je hantar gmbr.
Inthe picture (Chong Wen Jiet, Jasril Nazmi, Emmier!(HAHAHHAHA) N Mavinthra)

Cant believe i was that chubby.. pfft...

My elder siblings. Dont know what i'd do without them.

You know what, when i overlooked through my pics, old albums pics, mmg byk kenangan, seriously mmg teringat those fun times. Whatever it is, life goes on, apa2 jgn fikir terlalu ke depan, n jangan fikir terlalu ke belakang. Those who i didn't put ur picture, then i'm sorry, but just so you know, i still love you ahahahha, okay tak kelakar. By the way, my roomate kirim salam, ahaha.


biskot said...

mane gmbr aku!!

Syed Aidid said...

weh.. aku dah buat satu blog kat kau eh. chait.

faRanur said...

blog cikgu BEST GILER!hehe
kitorg pown xkan lupakan cikgu!
idol kitorg tuu..;)

Amir said...

aidid, asal kawan ko ni sume cemerlang2???hahaha aku nk jd kawan ko la camni..
suh la diana invited aku masuk blog dia...