Monday, December 29, 2008

Oh stranger..

In 2007, something very interesting happened. One Friday, I was on my way home from KKB, just waiting for my announcement ‘stesen seterusnya, Subang Jaya’ haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nak balik!! Nk juga!!!! Carry on, n jgn layan my nonsensenesss,.. I was in my polo maktab shirt.. worrying.. about SPM. Ye la, byk nk kene baca, yet tak byk yg I tau sgt. As I was gazing upon the blue sky.. dreaming…( Ms. Sherry.. if ur reading this.. I nk markah lebih for this essay tau) then ada this one guy came n tegur me;

“Dik, mrsm mana?” he asked.

“KKB, abg dari mrsm mana?”


Okay, there are two mistakes here. One, I was suppose to ask him first whether he was from mrsm or not, duh its in the first rule of flirting, sheesh. And the second mistake was I was not supposed to main call people ‘abang’. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee gelinya, even I don’t call my brothers abang (Ariff, Aizat.. sori yeee heehe) haa so next time I kene mahal sikit, call people ‘bro’ or apa2 la. ‘Abang shall be last season, chey! Haha continue with the story. He asked about my spm, I said la my problem tu… yg banyak nk baca n all. Then he told me about himself

“i used to be top ten in Jasin..”

My jaw dropped, ye la jumpa top student Jasin kot! Until he continued his last line

“ ten from behind” I gelaked la, ada ke patut ckp mcm tu.

He told la a story about himself n how he was in Jasin,.. selalu ponteng la… main la ni la tu la. But was also a debater. He went to UIA and debated for both bahasa n English, good huh? He told me he was doing ib in either kmb or kms tk igt la, n going to India to do medicine. Then he said that he studied 2 weeks before spm.. yeah..that’s what they all say. But what caught my attention was when he told me how he did it. He told to just do the past year question, because they are going to publish the same exact thing, n he said that mana yg tak tahu kene yg revise, n mana yg tau tu repeat la. Plus, not to read every single thing from scratch, tu bazir masa. From what I understood, from this method, I could see that he did two things 1. Revise what he knew and 2ndly studied what he didn't know. Its kinda funny how that managed to help me. I changed after that, with ALLAH’s will of course. I was more confident.. somehow. N after that, I prepared much better for my spm, n did my best larh. Hurm until today, im still in contact with this stranger, n I hope he’s not reading this blog, Hafizudeen! Jgn baca blog ni yea? So.. those of you who are not Hafizudeen, rajin2 la comment blog ni.

Yang baik itu datang dari Allah, yang buruk itu dating dari diri saya sendiri. Minta maaf jika tersalah kata.

P/S: I miss 5 Cemerlang, especially Fahana :p n Ramzy!!


farhana bee said...

awwhhhhh.. u rndu kt i.. trharunye! haha.

aidid, gelaked is a new word ek? =)

miss u. take care.

CWJ said...

Im not hafizudeen.... here i am...rajin2 commenting :p

parkdean said...


Syed Aidid said...

Fahana: hehe. its aidlish, u cn use ur own grammar, haha

Chan: haha thanks for the comment Chan.

Dean: hahaha


kecikkanle sket gmbo kat ats tu bang


lady D said...

do i noe diz hafizudeen (btol kewr spelling??)guy??
jasin aite??

dunt think so...