Sunday, February 15, 2009

Assalamualaikum. this is the second part of my trip to Berlin. the picture up here is taken by my friends when i was sesat.. sheeshh. hurm here goes nothing..
this is one of the europe buildings there is in Berlin
i think this is the memorable part of my trip. one time, after a lat lunch, we were kind of in a hurry to pray.. so we asked around and alhamdulillah.. we gfound a mosque. the mosque is not like in Malaysia where there is kubah and everything. here its in a building.. which looks nothing like a mosque.. until you go inside la. anyhow, after we prayed, we met this uncle. he is from Kosovo, and lived in Berlin for 17 years. what touched me the most was the way he treated us. he showed really good manner in speaking, always with the zikir, mmg buat hati terasa lembut n tenang. next he belanjaed us.. we didnt expect him to do so. he treatred us tea n kueh muih. n before we left, he gave us bags of cakes to eat on our way home. how many people can do this?? Germans are nice, but the nicest of the niceness would be an Islamis German.
Three..Two..( me being me)( Volgo dudes)( to lady D/ Diana: haa tu la Khairuddin. mmg rajin la that guy)

one! these are my masak group. its a good thing that all of us went there, os we dont have to masak la. lalalala.
tower of apa entah. gosh i have to be more attentive.
This os the parliament of Germany
partheNOT. normal museum.

monuments lalala.
waiting can kill
Jaulah group!
well.. this is what i do during lectures sob sob.. regret la
This is an awesome friend of mine from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. dia baik la kamu semua.
i like.
Tulis je Stockholm, but its not. i pon boleh tulis my name to mr bombay.
train station. or was it bus station. who the hen cares
saya nak kuda tu. please!

nice building

Thats all people. i may seem happy, but its just pictures.. dalam hidup ini tak semuanya indah.. terima ia seadanya. okay, i have to get back and perah my otak with anatomy.


aiSya said...

aidid~ :D heeehe.
seemed lyk u enjoyed ur days there huh? jelesnyeeee. nk fly jgakkkk~ huuuhu. :D

Syed Aidid said...

hyyeeeee, Aisyaaaa thanks again for the pen.. still keeping it u know. hurm.. i advise u enjoy the days u still have there in Malaysia, its not a vacation actually, its more like moving on to a new place. ur going to aus kn? it shud be nice there. take care u, n take care of intec :P

afiqawe said...

Salam Ziarah

Ada blog juga ye... =)

aiSya said...

heeee. :P cucuk org dgn pen tu!! x)

no la. im nt goin to aus. :P im going tu us. haha. though we juz hve to put the 'a' away, tpii mcm jauh jgak la aus ngn us. smpai hti xtaw. :P

xley nk enjoy sgt la aidid. lots of assgnmnts r in pending state. haha. x)

Ahmedkzaman said...

aidi ade blog??
br aku taw..

eNdY said...

I LIKE THIS POST the most!!!~

amry said...

dey thampbey!
update la ur blog!

lady D said...

now i prasan i missed diz entry..
its DYANA n not DIANA..
y do evryone keep doing da same mstake??? *wondering*
glad u had fun..
n dat actually a "kuda"??
not a clue at all... doesn't even look lyke one...