Saturday, February 7, 2009

Guten Tag

Assalamualaikum. in this episode of my blog, i would like to share my journey to berlin, Germany. the trip awesome, the food was great, the people are very nice, not to mention i got lost.. twice pula tu. stuck in a place where u dont know where you are, or where to go,.. but Tuhan maha kuasa kan.. HE helped me.

The Berlin wall... like i care.. hehe

This is the train station in Berlin. Its every 5 minutes,really fast, high tech! i repeat every FIVE MINUTES!!
i was jakuned by the double decker bus.. ya la.. riang ria. and there next to it is actually a kebab shop ( specifically named doner kebab) to those who dream to go to Berlin, find this kebab, even u tk paham what they say, just tunjuk to the daging there..!! its the most delicious ones i've ever tasted!!
This is one of the Germans skyscrapers.. but of course the twin towers are taller.

This was when we walked around the streets of Berlin.. well it was very very nice there streets are clean, their taxi's are well... classy lar( mercedes benz n not the normal ones the nice nice classy ones)
Nizhny + Volgo.

This was the first day we came, well it snowed a lot!.. only on our first day la.. then.. um... then no snow.


lady D said...

i lyke da wall...hahaha
n yeah2..
i got it..
da train is evry 5 mnutes..

p/s: i wanna repeat myself again.. i thnk i noe dat guy larh..khairuddin iz it??

lady D said...

u kne tag...
visit my blog..den u'll noe

farhana bee said...

my jaws just dropped to the floor ;)

HaziraH said...
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