Friday, October 3, 2008

The life of Aidid.. pfft .. in Volgo.

Assalamualaikum.. I would like to share my everyday schedule as a (pre)medical student in Volgograd State Medical University. I don’t prefer to write every single moment and the exact time I spend doing it ( like going to the toilet and all) but I’ll just split it into categories

To me this is the most important activities of the day. Its quite hard to pray especially hwen we have class like from 8.00 to 4.00. not like what we have in Malaysia where there is one hour brake. Sure.. there is a break, like 20 minutes or perhaps 10, but the place to pray is quite far, but I’m thankful that there is one, which is located under a staircase. Kira tempat terpencil la despite still ada orang yang lalu lalang. If I’m not mistaken, don't know la whether its tue or not, when Russia was a free country, it was agreed that NO religion things can be performed, not even Christians, apatah lagi ISLAM. But as the years go on, things started to loosen up. Even the prayers under the staircase pon the Uni tutup sebelah mata. Now things have changed, there are mosques, as well as churches in Russia.
Once, I took my wudhu’ in the sink, and you know la the toilet there is unisex *pfft* haa ye la. Any who, I was washing my leg, then suddenly a lady( tak la lady mana pon. Lecturer I presume) pushed in the door, and started to crap ( bla this bla that) and then she left… and forgot her footsteps of bisingness in the corridor. I meant I hear this la that la mcm nk complain. Then I thought, takut manusia.. atau takut TUHAN?? So I just biar la apa nk jadi.

To be honest, mmg la ada plenty of food sini, but sometimes its quite hard to find halal food. So, most of the time I just eat bread, sapu dgn chocolate or cheese( cheaper than Malaysia), and milk n water, and for now, ada lagi la serunding from rumah J whatever it is, ada makanan, Alhamdulillah. But not as mewah as it is in Malaysia, plus the price pon pergh.. any who I eat every day, like twice a day, ala sama la diet dgn those yg nk jadi slim model kat Malaysia. Hehe. Ok not funny. Survival skills mmg important, that is skill memasak. To be honest, before this I just cooked using rempah, and beli ayam halal. Even my sister pon boleh buat, so no big. But then when the rempah instant tu dh habis I was only left with curry powder, instant asam pedas, and some kunyit. What can I do with curry powder weh?? What look at me with dark skin reminds you of the roti canai and carry at the mamak stall is it? Pfft

My roommates are very very nice, and not to mention hardworking, and smart. They are in their second year studies as medical students. Alhamdulillah since mrsm I had wonderful roommates (F - 2 – 8: Black, Pelo, and Shahmir.. I miss you guys.. seriously!) and at Intec, ( c7207Khai, Din and Ijo), until now. I feel like I’m having two professional coaches training me for the Olympics. They can really give good advice and all. Jo, Keat Leong, if ur reading this.. um.. I hope you guys don’t mind me being the one sepahing the room, hehe. You guys are such inspirations!

Studies here is DEFINITELY DIFFERENT from Malaysia. Well, in Malaysia the lecturer asyik suap je, if here, if you don’t do well, if you don’t study, then that is your problem. It depends on our effort now. Kalau bazir masa doing things that we are not suppose to, mcm buat blog ni.. but what the heck la. Tomorrow is ony Russian. But I would like to challenge this theory about ‘lone survivor’ and do it like the way we kkbians did it in MRSM, COS. Maybe some people find it better doing it alone.. hmm biar la, its their way. Doing medicine is like going for war, we have to COOPERATE. And this is important for our future work. A good doctor once told me that empathy is also important in medicine is empathy. And that is what I’m planning to build in myself and in other people.There are lots of important assets of a good doctor, but tkkn nk ckp skrg kn, korg mesti dh bosan baca blog ni… sorry. Any who, two heads are better than one bebeh!! Hehe.
One more, I just gotthis from my roomie, Jo. He said that ‘ here mana ada like Malaysia, teacher teaches first then only he will ask. Here.. they want you to teach them.. gilaa… ‘ I laughed la. Yea. That is actually a good thing because I prefer that kind of style of teaching, and I also prefer that kind of style of studying as well. It’s going to be hard, but it should be worth it once you have the knowledge about a certain subject.

Haa toilet pon to me have to be an issue. Yeaa as you can see in the picture, mana ada paip, sinki, even tempat tissue also no. Nevertheless Islam has thought us how to beristinjak

Every morning, before leaving the room, it is very important to know the temperature outside of the room, this is important to know how thick you should wear; if cooler then have to wear thicker la. Now its autumn, so temperature is around 10-18degree. Can’t wait for winter, nk main Ice skating, baling – baling snowball, hehe.

SOME are friendly. SOME are not as friendly as most Malaysians. That’s all I have to say. They HARDLY smile.

That’s about everything people. Comment If you think I can do better. Thanks for reading :)


farhana bee said...

hye aidid!!

maaf zahir batin..

how's ur raya?? =)

well, im sooo proud of you!! although its very difficult to pray, u ttp find a way to do it!!
bravo! =)

bout the food, look on the bright side. u're finally learning to cook! haha. senang la ur wife nnt. ade someone to help her out in the kitchen. ;)

nothing to say bout ur studies cause i know, no matter what system they use, u ttp akan succeed. ;)

toilet?? haha. pdn muke! :)

emm.. what else? weather?? u dpt main snow nnt!!! waaaaa.. jealous!! been ages since i last played in the snow!! :(

u mentioned about people who hardly smile.. ape ssh?? u go and buy byk2 smiley faces.. stickers ke, pillows ke.. whateverla.. then u dpt tgk smiles everysecond, EVERYWHERE!! kn2?? =)

dottology said...

aidididididid!!! meh la sini address you...ciannya cuzin i niiii...meh sini i hantar rempah ratus...or rempah seribu...or rempah sejuta...meh, meh...i hantar...

i rasa sungguh kesian and...yeyek sebab tengok the toilet situation...kalau i...habislah!!!! heheheh...

nanti update lagi blog ni ek...u take care!!!

Nae Day Ya said...

slamat ari raya.. ari tu x wish..
ok.. masak2.. jgn x msk..
and the toilet?? mmmmphhh..
okay, good luck!

Hani said...

slmt hari raya aidid! no worries kay.nnt i htr kuih i wat,nak address!

Syed Aidid said...

Hani: Thanks Hani! Selamat Hari Raya too you too!! Maaf Zahir Batin. ahaa.. tk perlu susah2 nk hantar cookies. kat sini ada cookies.. well i cuba bayangkan roti tu mcm cookies la. hehe.

Nae Day Ya!: Selamat Hari Raya to you too!! Maaf Zahir Batin juge.. ahaa.. toilet tu mmg nk kene roboh, pastu buat toilet sendiri mcm kat Malaysia. boleh kan? hehe

Kak Dotty!!: ahahahaa aww... tkpe la, tk perlu susah2 nk hantar this and that. nnti i hantar you souvenir. but mmg lambat sgt sampai la. hehe. And the toilet? alaa toilet je.. bukan nya mati pon masuk toilet mcm tu.. hehe. U nk pesan apa2 tk?

Fahana Bee!!: Hey you!! Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin to you too dear! My Raya was awesome! n about the toilet tu.. umm pape la hehe. ohh yeaa. about the snow alaa no big la, you pon boleh main. you blend je ais dalam ur fridge tu, pastu main baling2. hehe. dh dorg mmg tk nk senyum. i mcm pissed of juga la org tk senyum balik. dh la investment senyuman tk jadi, pastu tenshen pula tu tgk muka org tension. hehe. maybe its their culture.. what to do... HAHA!! good idea, i patut buat mcm tu, beli byk muka smiley kan,.. umph biar la. Thanks for the comment guys!!! and one more Fahana.. u tk nk send me apa2? my dear cousin n Hani nk ;p haha