Friday, October 10, 2008

My friend, Ammar Amrie

Assalamualaikum. This is a story about a friend of mine, Toby McGuire aka Ammar Amrie, ahaha Ammar jgn marah. Anyways, for those of you reading this blog, Ammar is a very nice good best friend of mine who has always been there for me during my school days at MRSM KKB.

Part One: Pertemuan
In the end of my form four time, I had a crush on a super cool senior her name was N@5%^.. Ada la mana leh gitau.. anywho.. ada this one night tu.. I wanted sgt to give her something, a birthday present kot. That time, time was limited as the form fives( as a matter of fact gave me the name ‘Bombay’ pfft) and dorg pon dh nk belah from KKB. Back to that night. I was at the Dewan Selera, Ammar was there too, he told me to go to her, I could have done that myself but I wasn’t with my spectacles. I was.. well.. quite cuak la.. to meet a very super cool funny smart adorable senior tu. Ammar somehow pushed me to go to her..

That was the sweetest night ever : )

I think this senior somehow brought me and Ammar together ( kpd sesiapa yang fikir kitorg gay what the ham weh, we are best buds kot!)

Part 2: Climax ( cepat gila weyh dh climax, pfft)

Throughout our form fives where we strived to succeed in SPM, we had tones of FUN!! We did many cool things, like duduk up the cliff on the fourth floor,( tgk gmbr tu!!!), urm, we skated (yeah, we skateboard, tgk the video!!, that was Ammars voice) main badminton(Ammar tgk je.. hahaha, no la. He came masa my big final lawan. Even I lost in the finals, it means a lot for me that a good friend was there for me) makan, looked for hot chicks(akak DS) ahaha, we didn’t do that la, study, jumpa hantu ( remember that subuh Ammar?) and a lot actually. We even fight sometimes.. mcm budak2 kn? Mmmmph, who cares la, it was school, so tak kisah la how childish we acted. I learned a LOT from this Ammar Amrie, and I’m thankful that he’s a friend of mine. There is a LOT actually I would like to share, kalau boleh, every single thing that happened. Every single moment meant a lot to me.

Part 3: The End And now…
Ammar is at UiTM, taking his diploma in Mechanical Engineering, and as for me.. I’m thousands of miles away from Malaysia. The distance wont separate us apart, kn Ammar kn? As long as we remember each other in our DOA.. miss you buddy! Nnti aku balik aku kacau kau lagi ho h oh o.


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