Friday, October 10, 2008

That night..

One night(s) during fasting month, me and my friends went on a joy ride.. laa macam biasa la. Nnti korg tgk the video kat bawah ni yeaa. Anywho.. It started when we started to meet like at 10.everything was quite okay.. KOT! Hahah first we drove like lala to Shah Alam, visited my dearly Intec, jln2 here and there, went to Sunway Pyramid LATE night, caught wet, n byk lagi la, lastly balik when it was morning. enjoy the pics and the vids..:)

never again..

they pushed me... what the ham weh

haha... tk tau la nk ckp apa lagi

before kene kejar dgn 'pak guard' asal la kau lari Syazwan.. haha..

over c KOT!!

Happy people


meet the maggi man

My Happy friend

caught wet

Thats all folks.. comments yeaauu


farhana bee said...
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farhana bee said...

u guys are soooooo crazy!!
cool man! haha..
lain kali ajak i k? =)

p/s: thx for calling the other day! it meant the world to me!
take care =)

Syed Aidid said...

ahaaa.. crazy haha.

Ehwan said...

salam...wah nice view in russia..I hope I can go there to see my adik homeroom...heheh